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What is YieldShield?

"YieldShield is an automatic and secure yield farming optimization service, built on the Yield Protocol toolset. We deploy smart contracts and AI in a very simple and intuitive user interface, allowing anyone to easily yield farm safely. Our RoboFarmer maximizes users' returns, based on their risk-level settings. "

What is the benefit of a RoboFarmer?

To stake funds into a pool, you typically have to go through numerous manual steps and transactions. Our RoboFarmer not only automates these tasks but finds the optimal yield farm for every investment. Once staked, YieldShield monitors the investment to ensure large losses can be avoided. This means that YieldShield users can and enjoy yield farming without the huge time commitment or stress.

How do you assess risks?

"Risk level is our internal system metric which is calculated hourly. This is based on multiple parameters including project age, smart contract auditing, price volatility, team anonymity, and many more. We improve and update our assessment criteria on an ongoing basis. We also plan for our community to help influence Risk Score value in the future. "

You can read more about Risk Level here.

What is Yield Protocol?

Yield Protocol is a set of smart contracts that we use in YieldShield. You can learn more at

Why are you using $YIELD?

$YIELD is the native token of Yield Protocol which is the basis of YieldShield's technology.

What is the reason for launching YieldShield?

The process of discovering the latest high-yielding DeFi projects is laborious, tedious, and incredibly inconvenient. YieldShield is an automatic solution that makes investing in DeFi simple. DeFi technologies should be available to everyone. YieldShield lowers the barriers to entry, making yield farming accessible to all.

Are you responsible for my funds?

No. YieldShield is not responsible for any loss of funds. At the same time, we are doing our best to make the platform secure. Smart contracts are designed in such a way that only you can withdraw your funds. We have also integrated a Stop-Loss system that will protect you from significant drawdowns.

What networks does YieldShield support?

Currently, YieldShild supports Binance Smart Chain. We are planning to add Ethereum and Polygon support in future releases.

What is Gas Allocation?

The Gas allocation is the amount of your investment which our RoboFarmer can use to move your funds between staking pools. If the gas balance on your account is too low, our RoboFarmer won't be able to move your investment to a more profitable pool.

How does the Stop-Loss function work?

If your losses exceed the specified parameter, our RoboFarmer will collect your investments and rewards, swap them to the base coin, and return those funds to your wallet. You will not be charged a platform fee.

You can read more about Stop-Loss here.

Where can I access YieldShield?

You can access the YieldShield platform by visiting or directly by using

Do you have a mobile application?

Not at the moment, everything can be accessed through your mobile web browser. We do have applications planned in the pipeline.

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