Risk Level

About Setting Your Risk Level

One of the steps of creating the investment is setting the risk level.

There are 5 risk levels:

  • Very Low

  • Low

  • Medium

  • High

  • Very High

The risk level is being set for each pool separately based on multiple criteria:

  • how long project exists

  • is project team anon

  • were project's smart contracts audited

  • token volatility

  • token and platform volume

There are many more criteria we are taking into consideration when setting up the risk level for the pools. Over time pool's risk level is being updated based on new updates from the projects.

In the future we want our community to decide on the risk level for the pools we support.

How risk level is being used?

All the strategies for investment are being deployed based on the risk level set initially while creating the investment.

Although, your investment can go to the pool with a lower risk score than was set initially if the pool with a lower risk level has a higher APY.

Regarding the restake strategies and how risk level influencing it, you can read here

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