The $YIELD token is the native cryptocurrency of the Yield Protocol. All products built using Yield Protocols tools are required to integrate the YIELD token into their system. A percentage fee of all the yield generated on all products is converted into YIELD.
YieldShield is built on Yield Protocol tools and integrated YIELD token into the system.
Users can claim rewards in YIELD tokens or YIELD LP tokens and save on fees (or even be charged 0% fee). Read more here.
$YIELD token holders, as well as YIELD LP token holders, are getting the priority for investing their funds in the best yield farms.
$YIELD token info:
Binance Smart Chain contract: 0xf9d906a8dd25c4a4966bc075cdc946702219e62c
Nomics ETH BSC
YIELD ChainPort ETH-BSC bridge
YIELD ChainPort BSC-ETH Bridge
More info about YIELD token and Yield Protocol - https://yieldprotocol.org/